Tron TRX Wallet – Get Ur TRX Secure Wallet – 2018 Edition

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Let’s find out best Tron TRX wallet for Tron coins. Finding A best Tron TRX wallet is not Rocket since it’s peace of cake.

Nut need some knowledge if you have so well is good otherwise I have found Some best Tron TRX wallet where you can store your Tron coins Securely.

Tron TRX wallets

Tron TRX Wallet

There are many Tron wallet available on the Internet But here We would like to share with you some most secure and easy to use wallets.

We’ll share here there are three types of wallet including Tron Hardware wallet, Tron Web Wallet, and Tron Dextop wallet so continue reading.

Ledger Nano S: ( Tron Hardware Wallet)

Ledger nano S

Ledger Nano S is one of the most Popular Cryptocurrency hardware wallets, The wallet support there are many cryptocurrencies including Dogecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash ass well.

Can buy the Ledger Nano S Hardware wallet for Store Tron TRX coin at their Official website just $92 US dollars.

Can also Buy the Ledger Nano S wallet at Amazon stores but We suggest you Buy The Tron Hardware wallet on their Official website.

Trezor: (Tron Hardware Wallet)

Trezor Wallet

Trezor Is the second best hardware wallet, it accepts there are 500+ Cryptocurrencies including Dash, Ethereum, and Icon ICX, Terezor offer there are Tow different Models including Trezor 1 = (Gold Standard) and the second one is Trezor Model T = (Premium Choice), For More details and pricing Visit their Official website Here.

Eidoo: (Desktop and Mobile Wallet)

Eidoo wallet

The Best Desktop and Mobile phone wallet for Storing Tron TRX cryptocurrency, We have found the Third best wallet.

The Eidoo Best Multi cryptocurrency wallet the wallet available on almost all platforms including Desktop wallet, Android, and IOS platforms The wallet support ERC20 Tokens Check the full list of all ERC20 token list Here.

Tron.Network (Tron Web Wallet)

The also give us an option to store Tron TRX coin For storing Tron in their Official website Just visit Tron.Network and the Create an account clicking on the register button.

It has google authentication verification option can Enable that and at the wallet you can store there are Three different cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Tron TRX coin.

Binance: ( Tron TRX Exchange wallet)

Binance baner

This is not A Tron cryptocurrency wallet But you can use as A wallet this is the world most popular Cryptocurrency Exchange, that’s why you can use Binance as a Tron TRX wallet.

Binance offers the Awesome security of their User For storing Tron coin in Binance First you need to Crete an account In Binance you may register a new account here. and can also Read here Binance Review.

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