Icon Icx wallets – Get Ur Free Icon Icx Wallet (2020 Edition)

20Are you finding the best Icon Icx wallets?

icon icx wallets

Here I gonna share with you there are top 5 Best and secure Icon Icx wallets.

Icon Icx Wallets

Many Icon ICX wallets available, but the problem is How to decide that wallet protected or not, So here I have found uppermost five secure ICX wallets where you can store your Icx coin securely.

Lets See.

1.Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet that supports there are many cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and icon ICX Coin ass well.

Ledger nano S

Want to secure your money So always try to store your currencies in a hardware wallet because hardware wallets are offline you can’t be hacked.

There are many currencies you can store in this hardware wallet include Bitcoin (BTC), Tron (Trx) Ledger Nano S available on their official website only on 99.99 US dollars, you can also buy the wallet on Amazon store.

Buy Ledger Nano S


This is good thing for Icon ICX coin investors because the trezor hardware suport ICX coin.

Trezor Wallet

Trezor is a second-best Hardware wallet that supports 500+ cryptocurrencies including Icon icx coin.

Trezor available there are Two different models including Trezor One and Trezor Model T there is not a huge difference between both models but the Trezor one is the First model and Trezor Model T is the second model.

More details you can Visit their official website Trezor.io where have updated price you may also buy Trezor wallet at Amazon Store.

Buy Trezor Wallet


MyEtherWallet is a Web wallet, This is One of my favorite altcoin wallet That supports Icon icx coin you have to access this wallet with given private key.


The best thing is you can use your hardware Wallets through MyEtherWallet it supports Ledger Nano S and Trezor ass well.

Be aware: When you create an account on myEtherWallet there will get A secret key that will your login ID must safe that key at secure place and don’t share with anyone otherwise you may lose your money.

Visit Trezor Wallet


The Iconex their recommended wallet that available for there two platforms including Smartphones and Google Chrome Extension.

Quick and easy access ICX wallet via chrome extension without any installation. Just need to download Iconex wallet at Google chrome store and then create an account.

Remember: Always keep your backup files, and private keys in a secure location, If you lost your key you may not be able to recover your wallet.

Get Iconex Wallet


Fast, Secure and Easy icon ICX wallet, Not only a multi-currency wallet it’s hybrid exchange too.

Eido Web Wallet

It’s Available for there are three platforms including Android, iPhone, and desktop, It’s very Easy to use.

First Of all, download it from Eidoo.io open in your desktop, Enter Password then will get twelve backup words to write down at a secure place.

Visit Eidoo.io

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