Coinbase Alternatives: For Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum (2019)

I decided to share here there are (Five 5) best Coinbase Alternatives because Coinbase is one of the Most popular Platform to Buy & sell Cryptocurrency that recent revenue 1 Billion US dollars in 2017.

But the problem is at the present they only serve there are 32 countries you can check their service in your country Here.

If your country not listed in their List so can use Coinbase alternatives for Buy and sell Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase only sells there Top Five cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin cash and they also add Ethereum Classic in their list Soon.

You can Buy Lots of currencies using CoinBase alternatives Including Ripple, EOS, BTG, ZEC and many more.

Lets Start.

Best Coinbase Alternatives

First of all, let’s A quick look at Coinbase alternatives Exchanges.

The was founded by Oleksandr Lutskevych in 2013 this is A One of the most popular cryptocurrency Seller.

Why should choose Cex Io for Buy Cryptocurrency because there are several reasons for choosing Cex io Exchange.

  • Strong security Protection: Against DDoS attacks, Full data encryption, compliant.
  • Advanced Reporting: Downloadable Report, Real-time balance, Transaction History with transparent Fees.
  • serve in Globe: Service providing 99% Countries around the Globe, Including USA.
  • Most Popular payment Options: including Visa, Master Card, Swift, Cryptocurrency.
  • Margin Trading: 1:2 and 1:3 leverage, Automatic Found borrowing, no Extra account needed, negative balance protection.
  • Accessible via multiple Platforms: Can Tarde via Website, Mobile app, and Webstockcks.
  • Responsible Fees: Responsible trading fees, Special condition for the High volume trader.

If you Like Exchange so Just visit their Site, Crete an Account then Buy multiple currencies Including EOS, LTC, Bitcoin Cash, ADA, and Many More.



CoinMama is Fastest, easiest and Securest, way to Buy Bitcoin and other currencies.


The first Bitcoin I was bought from That was great Experience. It’s similar to the CoinBase Exchange but one thing you need to know about this Exchange here you have to buy some more currencies including ADA, Qtum, Ethereum Classic ass well.

Coinmama trusted by over 1,000,000 peoples across 188 countries since 2013. Coinmama serve 133 Plus countries this is good think of this platform.

Why Choose CoinMama?

  • Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card.
  • Safe & secure.
  • Fast Track verification.
  • Get your Favorite coins.
  • Global service.
Visit CoinMama


One of my favirate coinbase Alternative Exchange. Bassicly this is the Crypto to Crypto Excahnege at the best rates.

You can Exchange your Cryptocurrency with other currencies but Changelly recently starting to selling Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies with Credit and Debit card this is a Good Thing by Changelly users.

I personally recommend you to buy Cryptocurrency from Changelly you can buy there are many Currencies including Monero (XMR), Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and many more.

Why Choose Changelly?

  • Comparison to other Exchange They have a Responsible fee.
  • Changelly is One of the fastest Exchange.
  • Chnagelly also Most Trusted Exchange.
Visit Changelly


Kraken the best Bitcoin Exchange there has lots of pars to exchange each currency to others it also offers to buy Bitcoin with Your debit card.

For Buy Bitcoin from Kraken visit their site then Crete an account in Kraken Exchange, verify your account and buy Bitcoin with your credit and debit card it’s very simple cryptocurrency Exchange.

Visit Kraken


The last Coinbase alternative is Localbitcoins I use Localbitcoins A lots of time because this is a peer to peer Buying and selling platform.

There you have to Buy Bitcoin with country peoples via transfer fund from your local bank account this service helpful for those they live in India, Pakistan, Iran and more Asian countries because In Asia have many countries where Coinbase, not serve their Service.

Why Choose LocalBitcoins?

  • Buy & sell Bitcoin near you.
  • Instant, Secure, Private.
  • Multiple Payment Option.
Visit LocalBitcoins

Hope you have found best coinbase alternatives Exchnage, Don’t forget to share this Exchnages list with your frends and relatives.

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