How To Buy Siacoin: Best Siacoin Exchanges (Lowest Fees)

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Today We’re going to learn How to Buy Siacoin, Siacoin is day by day growing Cryptocurrency.

In Upcoming days We can see Big spikes in this coin, If you have this coin sol hold for Long-term Or if you don’t have Siacoin so you can Buy Now.

How To Buy Siacoin?

At this Time, Unfortunately, there is no option Way available to Buy Siacoin With Direct Debit card Or PayPal.

But we have A strategy that will help you to buy Siacoin with your credit/debit cards lets know about that strategy.

Buy Siacoin

For Buy Siacoin first of all, you need to Buy Some Bitcoin then convert Bitcoin to Siacoin using Crypto-to-crypto Exchanges.

How To Buy Bitcoin For Siacoin with Debit or Credit card (1st Step)

There are Five different websites to buy Bitcoin with Debit/credit cards let’s see.

CoinBase – This is an American Registered company there can Buy Bitcoin with Debit/Credit Card here in this Step By Step Guide you’ll learn How to Buy Bitcoin With Debit Or Credit card at CoinBase read this Helpful Guide.

Once You have bought Bitcoin at CoinBase then Covert Bitcoins to Siacoin At Binance and Shapeshift.

CoinMama – This Is the second Most popular website to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Or Debit cards there available there are Four different Cryptocurrencies for Buy Including Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

After Buying Bitcoins Can Convert BTC to Siacoin using Shapeshift and Binance. – The Is the 3rd Most Popular Buy/selling cryptocurrency Platform There you have to buy There are Eight Different Cryptocurrencies Including Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) This is a Beginner-Friendly Platform To Buy Bitcoin.

Once You have bought Bitcoin at, then Convert BTC to Siacoin At BinanceBittrex and Shapeshift, Exchanges.

How To Buy Siacoin With Paypal?

Unfortunately, there is no Platform Available To buy Siacoin Direct With Paypal But I have A tips for You that can help you to Buy Siacoin With PayPal.

First Of all, you need to buy Bitcoin with PayPal and then convert them to Siacoin that’s Easiest Way to buy Siacoin.

In The Past, I have Written An article About How to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal that’s very Informational Article that can help you to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal there has a Step By Step guide to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal.

After bought Bitcoins convert your BTC to Siacoin using Shapeshift, Binance, and Bittrex.

How To Convert Bitcoin To Siacoin – Shapeshift

There Are four different Exchanges I’m going to share with you including Binance and Shapeshift those are all most popular Exchanges.

Step By Step Guide How to convert Bitcoin to Siacoin Using Best Exchanges.


Why Binance is first best Exchange to buy Siacoin, there are several reasons to choose Binance.

  • Low trading fee with instant Buy/sell.
  • Low Withdrawal fee.
  • Most Secure Exchange.

It’s one of the most comfortable & secure cryptocurrency Exchange to buy Siacoin to buy Siacoin Create an account here.

Deposit your Bitcoin.

Buy IOTA Exchange

Choose Bitcoin on deposit sections it’ll show your Binance Deposit address then sent Bitcoin from your wallet to the Binance Exchange.

Deposit adress

Choose BTC/SC pair then show you buy and sell an option on your screen.

buy IOTA Coin

Just Select Market rates and Place bid.

Visit Binance


Poloniex is a most Active US-based cryptocurrency Exchange it was founded since 2014 by Tristan D’agosta.

Bitfiniex Exchange Baner

The second biggest Exchange that offers to Buy/sell Siacoin, this is the best and secure Crypto-to-crypto Exchange.

Visit Poloniex


Bittrex Founded 2014 by Rami Kawach, Bill Shihara, Rich Lai this one is Most popular Exchange there you can buy Siacoin securely.

Bittrex-Exchnage Baner

Just deposit your Bitcoin from your Bitcoin wallet and open a Buy order for buy Siacoin, I have found this lovest Fee Exchange.

Visit Bittrex


First of all Visit On the front page will show Crypto-to Crypto Exchange screen.

  1. Select in Bitcoin.
  2. Select Siacoin receive section.
  3. Click on Continue.

In the Second screen will ask your Siacoin wallet Adress If you have Siacoin wallet so well is good otherwise can create a Siacoin Wallet here.

  1. In the first Field enter Siacoin Deposit Adress.
  2. The second field Enter your Bitcoin address If your transaction does not complete any problems Shapeshift will refund your bitcoin to given address.
  3. Check Agree to the terms.
  4. Click On the Start transaction button.

Shapeshift will show you a Bitcoin Address send Bitcoins to the given address.

It’s Up to You how much Bitcoin convert to Siacoin when Shapeshift receive your payment that will Automatically Exchange your Bitcoins to Siacoin and then send Siacoin in your Wallet.

The Process will be Complete Shapeshift will confirm, your Siacoin was sent to your wallet That’s it. Hopefully, you have understood How It’s work.

Visit Shapeshift

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How To Buy Siacoin: Best Siacoin Exchanges (Lowest Fees)
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