How To Buy IOTA Coin – Step By Step Guide for Beginner (2018)

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Buy IOTA coin securely and instantly. Here I’m going to share one of the different methods to buy IOta coin securely.

How to Buy IOTA

Buy IOTA Coin

Step By step guide how Buy IOTA Coin, I’ll cover this guide in Three simple steps, in the First step we’ll learn How to Buy Bitcoin because Unfortunately, there is no option to buy IOTA direct with credit and debit card.

In the second step, we’ll learn How to Buy IOTA Coin With Bitcoin then last of all, We’ll discuss where to store IOTA COIN So here you have to see Everything about IOTA.

If you already have Bitcoin so move on the second step otherwise you can read first where to buy Bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin (1st Step)

Buy Bitcoin is not a rocket since because Bitcoin is a world most Popular Cryptocurrency that’s why there are many websites available where to Buy Bitcoin through Your credit & debit cards.

Here I would recommend you five best websites where to buy bitcoin securely.

  2. Coinbase
  3. Cex.Io
  4. CoinMama
  5. Changelly

It’s An article How To Buy Bitcoin in details you can read that helpful article If you want to buy Bitcoin With Paypal so can Read this one Buy Bitcoin With PayPal This is The Step By Step guide.

Buy IOTA Coin (2nd Step)


There are 5 Different websites here I would like to share with you where you can Buy IOTA Coins. The First One is Binance, the second one is Bitfinex and the third one is these are the world most popular Crypto to Crypto trading websites.

#1. Buy IOTA Coin At Binance

The Coinbase is One of the most popular Crypto-to-crypto exchange, First of all, You need to create an account Registration form found here then find Deposit and withdrawals option you’ll see that option in Fund section.

Buy IOTA Exchange

There You’ll see all suported cryptocurrencies including BTC, Ethereum, XRP, and more. For buy IOTA you need to deposit each recommended currency like BTC, ETH, and BNB Because Binance only offer to buy iota Coin through BTC, ETH, and BNB, select each required cryptocurrency then Binance will show you deposit address in that address will send your currency.

Deposit adress

For Buy IOTA Click on the exchange option then will show trading dashboard Like This.

Buy Iota screen shoots

There you will Show a Search bar type there IOTA will show you there 3 options like BTC to IOTA, ETH to IOTA, BNB to IOTA And USDT to IOTA there just select BTC to IOTA the next screen will show IOTA Price Chart & Buy/sell Options Like This.

IOTA Screen shoots buy

There you have to select how many IOTA’s you would like to buy with Bitcoin, There you just set amount, for example, you have 0.2 BTC you want to buy IOTA with 0.1 BTC set amount in price section then set real-time rates then Click on the Buy button, Your order will be successfully placed.

Visit Binance

#1.Binance Smartphone App

You can also download Binance app for your smartphone If you have Android Phone so you can download the app at Google Play store and If you have IOS Phone so You can Download the Binance app at Apple store.

Download Here For IOS & Android Devices: Download

#2. Buy IOTA At Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a second World Most Popular crypto-to-crypto Exchange in The world You can also Buy IOTA Coin at Bitfinex instantly.

It’s similar to the Binance First you need to Deposit recured cryptocurrency then Buy IOTA Coin.

Visit: Bitfinex

#3. Buy IOTA at

The is a third-best website to buy IOTA coin securely this website process also same as Bitfinex and Binance first of all need to deposit in then Exchange your cryptocurrency to IOTA.


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