Buy Eos Coin – Best EOS Exchange Websites (2018)


If Your Feature Idea to Invest In Eos coin so you’re absolutely Right Because Eos Coin price will boost very Soon. Here I have Some website where to Buy Eos Coin instantly And securely Let’s know about those sites.

Buy EOS Coin

Buy Eos Coin

There are many sites to Buy Eos Coin but first, you must have Bitcoins yes if you have Bitcoin so You buy EOS or another cryptocurrency its role for each coin.

Here I would like to share with you Step By Step Guide in the first step We’ll learn How to buy Bitcoin and then Second step we’ll learn How Buy Eos Coin through Bitcoins, If you already have bitcoins so move on the Second step Otherwise read the first step in this step we’ll learn How to Buy Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin For EOS  (1st Step)

Here I’ll share with you some websites where to buy bitcoins securely and instantly You can buy bitcoin there through your credit card And Debit card.

You can buy Bitcoins there are many websites but I recommend you to Buy bitcoins on these listed websites.

  3. Cex.iO
  4. Changelly

I have written an article in details Where to Buy Bitcoin if you’re a newbie so must read this simple article about Buy Bitcoins.

Buy Eos Coin Through BTC (2nd Step)

Here I recommend you Two best Secure websites to Buy Eos Coin No#1 Is and Second one is these both are world most Popular websites for trading.

Binance is the world Most popular website to Buy Eos, You can Buy Eos Coin at through your Bitcoin, For Buy Eos Coin First, you need to create an Account you can open a new account clicking here.

  1. First login your Binance account then Find deposit Option in Fund section
  2. Search BTC and click on Deposit option and get your Bitcoin address
  3. Transfer your bitcoin to Binance BTC address.
  4. The Final step is Click On Exchange in Menu bar

Last, Of all, You’ll see two options first Buy EOS Cryptocurrency through your bitcoins and second is Sell EOS coin, set your amount then click on buy button that’s it.


The Bitfinex is a second best website for trading. The Same process there to Buy EOS Coin through BTC, First of all, create an account in Bitfinex and deposit your BTC in Bitfinex then Exchange BTC to EOS.



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