Buy Eos Coin – Fully Secure Exchanges list (Updated 2019)

Buy Eos CoinEOS is A decentralized application (Dapps) it’s similar to the Ethereum Cryptocurrency It provides complete OS for Decentralize application focused on the web with services like development and hosting.

If you’re thinking to Invest In Eos coin, so you’re Right Because Eos Coin Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency, it’s a good time to buy EOS.

Question is how to Buy EOS?

Here  I’m going to tell you how to buy EOS coin securely and instantly.

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Buy Eos Coin

Do you think to Buy EOS coin with direct credit/debit card? So, unfortunately, there is no option available to Buy EOS with direct Credit/Debit card.

For Buy EOS coin, First of all, you need to Buy some Bitcoin then Convert Bitcoins to EOS Coin help of secure Exchanges.

But First, you need to learn How to Buy Bitcoin.

I going to explain the complete guide in there are Two steps.

  1. The First one is How to Buy Bitcoin for EOS.
  2. The second one is How to Convert Bitcoin to EOS.

If you already have Bitcoins so move to the Second step and learn How to convert Bitcoin to EOS Otherwise, you may read the first step in this we’ll learn How to Buy Bitcoin for EOS.

Buy Bitcoin For EOS  (1st Step)

Lets quick look of best Websites to buy Bitcoin, There are top Five different websites to purchase Bitcoins, there you can Buy Bitcoin with via credit/debit card.

  1. (Beginner Friendly)
  2. CoinMama (Beginner Friendly)
  3. Cex.iO (Beginner Friendly)
  4. Changelly (Beginner Friendly)
  5. (Not Beginner Friendly)

In the past, I have written an article in details Where to Buy Bitcoin This Step by Step Guide will help you to Buy Bitcoin securely.

Buy Eos Coin Through BTC (2nd Step)

Time to learn How to Buy EOS Coin with Bitcoin There are Four different websites I’m going to suggest here where you can convert Bitcoin to EOS coin securely and Instalanly.

Which Exchange Best for Convert Bitcoin To EOS coin?

I have A complete list Of top 5 Secure Crypto-to-crypto Exchanges there you can Convert Bitcoin to EOS coin Securely and Instantly.

  1. Binance – Most Popular
  2. – Easy To Use
  3. – Best Exchange
  4. Bitfiniex – Pupuler

Binance is the world Most popular Crypto-to-crypto Exchange; there can Buy Eos Coin through your Bitcoin, For Buy EOS Coin First, you need to create an Account there can get a new account clicking here.

Then login in your Binance account then Finds deposit Option in Fund section.

Buy IOTA Exchange

Search BTC in Deposit section and get your Bitcoin address.

Deposit adress

Transfer your Bitcoin to your Binance BTC address.

When you successfully deposit your Bitcoin into Binance Exchange visit Exchange Page.

Binance Exchnage

Type EOS in Search Section and choose EOS/BTC the will show EOS buy/sell Section below the Chart.

buy IOTA Coin

You’ll see two options first one Buy EOS through with Bitcoins and second is Sell EOS coin.

Try to Buy at the Market rate that will be the quickest process.

You may also read the Full guide: How to Use Binance Exchange.

One Of the most Beautiful Exchange The support there are 55+ cryptocurrencies including EOS, Cardano (ADA), Antshares (Neo), Dogecoin (DOGE) and more.

There is no knowledge required to Buy EOS coin using because it’s A Crypto-to-crypto Exchange create an account, can also get an account clicking On this register Button.

Deposit Bitcoin there, Open the market page choose BTC/EOS and then Submit Order.


Huobi Global

The Newest amazing Crypto-to-crypto Exchange this is similar to the the Huobi Good thing is It’s available for almost All Devices including IOS Devices, Android Devices, Windows, and Mac.

You Can buy there are many currencies including Bitcoin Cash (BCC), Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH) ass well.

The Exchange Available there twelve different languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, Espanol, and Deutsch.

For Buy EOS coin from Huobi Exchange.

  1. Create an account clicking on Regester button.
  2. Deposit Bitcoin, open the Exchange Page.
  3. Choose BTC to EOS and then buy at market rate.


Bitfiniex Exchange Baner

The Bitfinex is a Most Popular Crypto-to-crypto Exchange there available there are many Cryptocurrencies to buy with Bitcoin including Antshares (NEO), Monero (XMR) and IOTA Cryptocurrency.

The best thing of this exchange it has BTC/EOS pair For buy and selling EOS coin.

The similar process of this Exchange for Buy EOS coin with Bitcoin. First of all, create an account in Bitfinex and deposit your BTC in and then Exchange BTC to EOS.

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Buy Eos Coin – Fully Secure Exchanges list (Updated 2019)
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