5 Ways To Buy Cardano (ADA) – Cheapest Way To Buy & Sell 2020

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Cardano (ADA) is a Decentralised public blockchain cryptocurrency Project. According to CoinMarketCap Cardano, is World 8th Most popular cryptocurrency at this time also one of the most significant projects. That’s why I’m holding A bag of this coin for Log term, and I also recommend you to buy Ada for Long-term for Handsome reward.

Let’s get started:

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How To Buy Cardano (ADA)

Buy Cardano Ada With Credit card USD


Coinmama is one of the Greatest ways to Buy Cardano with a Debit card Because it makes it easy to buy Cardano, just like the peace of cake.

Here I have shared with A screenshot that is the Frontpage of CoinMama. Just visit CoinMama.com and then click A packages that suite your budget and then Buy Ada with USD only a few seconds.

Before Buying Cryptocurrency from Coinmama, first of all, you’ll need to Create A wallet, If you have so well is Good otherwise you may create each one the Step By Step guide avail below the article here.

Visit CoinMama


If you want to buy Cardano just for investment purpose So there is not any other platform to Buy Cardano like Etoro, because of it one of larget platform where you can invest in shares ass well. For Buy Cardano Visit Etoro.com Create an account the search Ada and then buy with your credit Or debit card that’s it.

Visit Etoro


Changelly one of the best option to buy Cardano It was launched for Exchanging cryptocurrencies to each other A year they were introduced feature thats call buy cryptocurrencies with credit and debit card just few minutes.

Visit Changelly

Buy Cardano Ada With Bitcoin BTC

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

First of all, you need to buy Bitcoins. If you already Have Bitcoin so well is Good; otherwise, you can read these Step By Step guides Buy Bitcoin instantly & Buy Bitcoin With PayPal Both are detailed guides to Buy Bitcoins.

Chose a Crypto-to-crypto Exchange to convert Bitcoin to Cardano. I would like to share with you there are Four different Exchanges.

ExchangesTrading PairsRattingsGo To Site
binance logo
Buy Now
bittrex logo
Buy Now
Buy Now
Buy Now


Binance is one of the most popular crypto-to-crypto Exchanges that has listed almost all cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin (LTC), Mithril (MITH), Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Etherium (ETH).

Binance Available in multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Turkish, and Japanese as well.

Using Binance exchange can convert Bitcoins to Cardano (ADA) instantly & securely. Also, you can use Binance on your smartphone.

For using App in your smartphone can download their Binance application at Google Play Store and Apple Store.

First of all, You need to create an account Following the link www.binance.com then download applications for Android and iOS devices.

Visit Binance


Gate.io Is of the fastest Growing Cryptocurrency Platform at this time. It’s a simple and fair bitcoin Exchange.

Gate.io offers instant deposit & withdrawal for Cryptocurrencies. It also charges the lowest fee for each trade gate.io not charge any fee for deposit and lowest fee in Widhrwal fee optional withdrawal service.

The beautiful thing is the exchange. It’s fully Beginner-friendly. You don’t require any knowledge to trade on Gate.io. For Buy Cardano cryptocurrency Via Gate.io, first of all, deposit your Bitcoin in This exchange then convert Bitcoin to Cardano Ada.

Visit Gate.io


The Bittrex is the 3rd Most Popular cryptocurrency exchanger in the world; again, I would like to recommend the Use Binance because that is the world’s biggest trading platform at this time, and that is also Beginner friendly.

It can also exchange your Bitcoins to Cardano (ADA) via Bittrex Exchange because this is the 3rd best trading platform, it is also a user-friendly dashboard. On the Bittrex you can buy, there are many altcoins, Including Ethereum (ETH), Anthshares (NEO), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), and more Cryptocurrencies.

Visit Bittrex

#4. Huobi.Pro

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Huobi.pro is a World Latest Famous Cryptocurrency Exchange. On the Huobi pro Exchange, you can trade. There are many Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin cash (BCH)Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DASH), ETC.

You can also see their real-time Bitcoin Price with a basic Price Chart. For Buy Cardano via Houbi.pro, First of all, Create an Account clicking On Regester button, then deposit Bitcoin in Huobi wallet and Convert Bitcoin to Cardano.

Visit Huobi

Buy Cardano Ada With PayPal

Buy Cardano With PayPal, there are two ways to buy this coin with PayPal the first one is first to buy Bitcoin with PayPal and then convert them to Cardano cryptocurrency using Some secure Exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Bithumb.

Second best option to Buy it through the Etoro trading Platform that is the best place to invest in shares and cryptocurrencies. You may also buy Cardano at Etoro using your register PayPal Account for just a few minutes.

Buy Cardano Ada Via Bank Transfer

For Buy Cardano with Bank/Wire Transfer, I know about two Best secure websites both are most popular websites ass well.

These are tow best and secure websites to buy Cardano with bank transfer you can buy ADA securely.

Buy Cardano With Cash

There is not A secure option Avail to Buy Cardano with Cash right now but Hope that feature avail soon ass possible. You can just buy Caradano with your colleague and relative now.

Best Cardano Wallets

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