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Bitcoin – Bitcoin and Bitcoin anyone talking about Bitcoin but when they think to Buy bitcoin So they don’t find an easy and secure way to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal.

So here We’re going to share with you some best websites where to buy bitcoin with PayPal so stay connected with this guide.

Buy Bitcoin With PayPalBuy Bitcoin With PayPal Feature

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There are three websites I’m going to share with you Where to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal these are listed Below.

Just visit Each website and buy there Bitcoin with PayPal, for more Detail how to buy BTC from those sites Continue reading.

First of all, I would like to Clear One thing, You must have a verified PayPal Account Otherwise you can’t able to buy bitcoin with PayPal.

If you have a verified Account so Well is good otherwise First verify that with your debit card or bank account Then you have to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal from those sites.

Buy Bitcoin With PayPal Through Local Bitcoins

screen Paypal

Local Bitcoins is the easiest way to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal. It’s is Not cryptocurrency exchanger, or Bitcoin seller it helps to Buy & sell bitcoins securely.

In this method, you need to be active because this is the peer to peer Buy and selling platform if you are a newbie, so Buy Bitcoin carefully from Local Bitcoin.

Here I’ll share step by step guide How to Buy Bitcoin With Paypal from Local Bitcoin so read this guide carefully this short guide will make you safe from scammers.

Secure bar

First of all, you need to create an account in before creating an account first look in your browser URL bar There must be shown a green bar that confirms its secure or not.

Signup Account

After the Conformation site is secure then click on signup free button and enter your Username which will show to sellers & buyers, Then next field will put your Email address and then put the password and Confirm password click on Regester button.

1. Search Bitcoin Seller With PayPal (First Step)

After login in your Local Bitcoin account will be showing five options in the menu bar including Buy Bitcoin and sell Bitcoin.

We want to buy Bitcoin from Localbitcoin {dot} Com just click on the Buy Button.

Buy Button top

Then find the best seller who selling Bitcoin with Paypal how to Find let’s learn.

Buy Bitcoin With Paypal

  1. Select Quick Buy.
  2. Set Your amount How many Bitcoins you want to Buy from there.
  3. Select Your currency like Dollars($), Euro(€) etc.
  4. Select your country Otherwise you can select other countries (Should Be select your own country).
  5. Select Payment method like Bank transfer, Payoneer, Pyaza and PayPal select (PayPal).
  6. Hit the Search Button.

2. Chose seller (Second Step)

Next screen will show All Active sellers list with.

  • Seller Name & ratings
  • Payment Method
  • BTC Price
  • Trade Limit

There will see many BTC sellers but the lowest price BTC seller will show the top of the list, do not think there do greed, Do not trust any lowest price sellers.

Info Graphic

You must check seller profile clicking on his username, When you click on his name will show you all information of the seller.

  • How much Conform trades.
  • How many Trusted verifications.
  • How many verifications reject.
  • seller Feedback Score ass well.

If you Little bit more Scroll down the page you’ll see some more information about that seller.

  • Email Must be verified
  • Phone Number Must Be Verified
  • ID, passport Must be verified

After checking everything you’ll look like ok then you can buy BTC with the seller, otherwise, do not choose him, find other BTC seller for trade.

3. Buy Bitcoin from the Trusted seller (3rd Last Step)

When you agree with Bitcoin seller then start Buy Bitcoin With PayPal, First, click on the Buy Button.

Buy BTC with Paypal

Next screen will show start trade Before start trade read seller terms of trade.

Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Trems of sellers

In this step set your amount how much BTC you want to buy, the LocalBitcoin converter automatically shows BTC to USD, USD to BTC enters your amount.
Buy Bitcoin With Paypal start trade screen shoots

Type your message and click on send trade. The next screen will show a chat screen like this.

If he does not reply or if you feel the seller is Fraudster so you can Cancel that trade at any time, for cancel trade you have an option there in the right bottom.

Ask him his Paypal Email ID the seller will show his PayPal email address you’ll send your payment to his account.

After make payment must hit the “I have Paid” button because it’ll be proof you have been made payment, then share screenshots with the seller.

The seller will review your payment then release your Bitcoins. If he doesn’t release your Bitcoin so you can dispute that trade.

After Dispute that trade LocalBitcoins team will Contact you and ask some information like Paypal account statement and more after the confirm they will release your Bitcoin to your BTC wallet.

Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Through Virwox

This Is the Easiest method to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal, Here we’re going share with you step by step guide to Buy Bitcoin Through Virwox.

You need to follow some steps will help you to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal through Virwox.

1. Create An Account (First Step)

First of all, you need to create an account in Virwox, You can create an account clicking Here.

For creating an account enter some simple information.

  1. Enter Username that’ll be your Login ID
  2. Enter your Email Adress
  3. Enter the First name and Last Name
  4. Select Your Country
  5. Accept agreement then hit the signup button.

Check your email account click on verify email address link, In that email, Virwox also sends you login password after the verify, login in your account the first of all, change your password in change setting Option.

2. Deposit your fund from PayPal (2nd Method)

For Buy Bitcoin first, you need to deposit PayPal fund in Virwox. Below have step by step guide How to deposit your fund in Virwox from Paypal.

First of all, click on the deposit button, next screen will show deposit fund in Virwox there will see there are many ways to deposit including Ok Pay, Skrill, Credit card & debit card and Paypal.

paypal deposit

Here We learn to buy Bitcoin with Paypal so, choose “Paypal Express Checkout” enter your amount and click on PayPal button that’ll redirect to your PayPal checkout page where you need to approve your payment from PayPal account.

3. Buy Bitcoin With PayPal through Virwox (3rd & Last Step)

This is the final step to buy Bitcoin with PayPal through Virwox. When successfully deposit your amount in Virwox then the first you need to exchange USD to SSL.

How To Exchange USD To SLL?
  1. Go to Exchange page.
  2. Select USD to SLL
  3. Enter Amount & click next.

Buy btc with virwox

After exchanging your dollars into SLL now time to Exchange SLL to BTC this is the last step to buy Bitcoin with PayPal through Virwox.

  1. Go again in on exchange page
  2. Select BTC to SLL
  3. Set your BTC amount & click on next.

Paypal to btcAfter exchange your SLL to BTC you can deposit your Bitcoin in personal wallet If you don’t have Bitcoin wallet so you read this easy guide How To create Bitcoin wallet.

Buy Bitcoin With Paypal Through Wirex

Wirex debit card

Basically, Wirex is a virtual debit card provider service from there can get a Virtual & physical debit card with full access, that an Easy method to buy Bitcoin with PayPal there first need to deposit balance from PayPal to Wirex physical card then Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card.

Let’s See How its work?

1. Order a virtual Debit Card from Wirex (1st Step)

Create an account in Wirex then go Order a new physical card, That card will help you to buy Bitcoin through a debit card.

Here Step By Step Guide to order New Wirex Card.

2. Connect That Virtual Card To PayPal Account (2nd Step)

Go to PayPal account Open wallet page clicks on the link a card or Bank than in next screen will ask your debit card number, expiration date, and CVV number.

In your virtual debit card must have at least 3 US dollars then PayPal will be able to charge you a little bit amount for verification.

When Paypal charge some money from your account then will see 4 digits in your Wirex account that pin is verification pin you’ll enter that in Paypal.

3. Withdraw fund from Paypal to Wirex account (3rd Step)

Go to wallet section click on withdraw fund to your card, then wait maximum 7 days PayPal will send your payment to your Wirex account.

4. Buy Bitcoin Through Your Wirex Debit Card (4th & last Step)

Then Buy Bitcoin with your Wirex virtual debit card from international websites we’re recommending here there are four different you may Buy Bitcoin from those sites.

I have an article in details How to Buy Bitcoin with a Debit Card you may also read this step by step guide on how to buy Bitcoin with the virtual debit card.

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