Where To Buy Antshares (NEO): Step By Step Guide (2018)

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Buy Antshares (NEO) Coin is peace cake but you need to understand How. Here We’ll discuss How to Buy Antshares (NEO) coin here step by step guide just read this article after reading this article you’ll be able to Buy Antshares (NEO) instantly.

Where To Buy Antshares (NEO)

Buy Antshares (NEO)

There are many websites where to Buy Antshares (NEO) but I would like to recommend you Some best and securely website to Buy Antshares (NEO) coins.

First of all, You need to Buy bitcoin for Buy Antshares (NEO) coin or any other cryptocurrency, If you already have bitcoin So Please move to The 2nd Step otherwise read this steps.

#1. Buy Bitcoin (First Step)

This is first step to Buy Antshares (NEO) Coin, in this first step, we’ll learn How can we buy Bitcoin instantly and securely Here I would recommend you to read an article how you can Buy bitcoin read Here: Buy Bitcoin Instantly.

You can buy bitcoin there are many places but I recommend you to Buy bitcoin some most trusted website those are listed below.

  1. LocalBitcoins.com
  2. Cex.io
  3. Coinbase.com
  4. Coinmama.com

#2. Create an Account In Binance (2nd Step)

Basically, Binance is the world Most popular cryptocurrency trading website where you can exchange your bitcoins to another Cryptocurrency like you can Exchange Bitcoin to Antshares (NEO) Coin, Bitcoin To Ripple (XRP) and more.

Visit: Binance.com

After the create an Account You’ll deposit your bitcoins in Binance wallet It’s very easy to deposit from Bitcoins wallet to Binance follow below Sep by Step guide.

  1. Login your Binance Account
  2. Find deposit & withdrawals option in Fund section
  3. Then you’ll see all currencies list with deposit and withdrawals options
  4. Click On Bitcoin Deposit Option will see your bitcoin address then send bitcoins to that address.

The final step to Buy Antshares (NEO), exchange your Bitcoins to Antshares (NEO) Coin, simply click on Exchange option then choose your currency which currency you have like BTC, ETH, BNB and USDT you’ll select BTC then select in below section NEO coin.

You’ll see two options there first is Buy Antshares (NEO) through your bitcoins and second option in Sell Antshares (NEO) con. Just set your Antshares (NEO) amount how many Antshares (NEO) coin you want to buy you can select there 25%, 50% and 100% ass well then click on Buy Option That’s it.

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