6 Best Monero Wallets: Well Rated XMR Wallets Of 2020

What Is Monero?

Monero Web Wallets

Here I would like to share with you there are three different Monero web wallets those Available free of cost. If you’re newbie So I’d recommend you to use web wallet first then move other types wallets because web wallets quite easy comparison to Paper and hardware wallets so let’s see some best Web wallets here.


Do you know which Monero Web wallet is the best? If you don’t know this just yet, I would recommend you use Guarda Web wallet – it is the most trusted and easy to use for every cryptocurrency management actions. The good thing is that it is possible to access your wallet using various devices – Mobile, Web, Desktop, Chrome Extension.

Visit Guarda


The coin Payment is One of the most popular And Best Monero Web wallet It accepts there are 350+ Altcoins Including Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero ass well.

This is Most secure web wallet for Monero Cryptocurrency because they provide best security to its ussers like two-factor authentication security and Many other options So check this out Here.

Visit CoinPayments


The Cryptonator is Popular and also a suitable wallet, the Cryptocurrency wallet at this time. The wallet support there are 20+ Cryptocurrencies including Dash, Litecoin (LTC), and Monero ass well.

It has Two-factor authentication security option ass well that help to be safe from hackers. There you can also see Price converter, Exchange rates, Winners & Losers report for 24H, Week and Month. There is no harm to use as A Xmr wallet.

Visit Cryptonator


One of the most using wallet to store monero, why I would recomend you to store your Xmr in this wallet because it’s most trusted wallet and also prefer by getmonero Orgniazation. Mymonero is one of the easy to use Monero wallet, The Mymonero accessible only through 13 Word that’s called private key.

When you create A wallet on Mymonero, their system will give you 13 words that will be your login id for access your account next time.

Please do not share that id Or Key with Anymore otherwise you may lose your Monero currency.

Visit My Monero

Hardware Wallets

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X banner

The Ledger Nano X is one of the best & most Secure Hardware wallet yet. This is available on their official online store at very cheap price don’t miss this opportunity and buy the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet right now to store your Monero coins, there are so many extra feature include Blutooth connectivity, Backup Enabled and certified secure chip ass well.

Almost Free shipng in your countory, Easy returen policy mean you can return the ledger nano X hardware wallet within 14 days, Secured payments more than 15 Methouds include Botcoin Litecoin PayPal etc.


If you want to buy this Hardware wallet so buy it from thier official website do not buy it from anywhere otherwise you may lose your monnero.

Buy Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano S

Leger Nano S is leading Cryptocurrency hardware wallet here good thing is Ledger support there are too many Coins and tokens Include Icon (ICX), Tron Trx, Neo (NEO) and Monero ass well.

It’s Most Secure option for anyone I always recommend to use hardware wallet because nowadays wallets and Exchanges hacking at peek that’s why you need to secure your hard earned money in secure wallet.

So please Secure your currencies in Hardware wallet. This is not an Extra Expensive Hardware wallet you can Buy it only on 100 to 150 US dollars. For buying this Monero Hardware wallet just Visit their official website then place an order they will deliver it to your home in the next few days.

Buy Ledger Nano S

Trezor (Model T)

The Trezor another best Monero hardware wallet at this time you can Also buy it on Their official online store. Now there are two models avail from Trezor the first one is (Trezor One) and the second one is (Trezor Model T) both Are same but in The latest model you will get some Extra features including Full-color touchscreen, Micro SD Card slot, etc.

Buy Trezor

Security Tips for Hardware wallet Buyers.

Do not buy hardware wallet at third party otherwise you may lose your assets, It’s very risky to buy a Hardware wallet to third Parties.

Monero Mobile Wallets

Monero Wallet App – Nowadays anyone have a smartphone they don’t have time to Using their computer Or laptop gain and again, So We have Good news for them, They can access Monero wallets with his smartphones using Monero Mobile phone wallets.

Here I have there are 3 Different Monero wallet apps for Android and IOS devices.


The monerujo is one of the best choice for Android Mobile users because it’s recomended by monero Orgnization.

Monero Mobile Wallet moneruju

The Monerujo is completely open source, it means anyone can see it’s coded on gitehub So this is the best ever Android wallet for Monero, download it and create A wallet right now following some simple steps.

  1. Download it from Google Play Store.
  2. Click on Crete A New wallet.
  3. Set wallet Name whatever you want.
  4. Writedown mnemonic Seed & wallet File Restore Password at secure place.

That’s It hope you Understand how to Download and use monerujo android wallet also don’t forget visit their official website www.monerujo.io and explore.

Cake Wallet

I have fond the Cake wallet is one another best monero XMR wallet to store your monero because the wallet also recomended by monero Orgnization that very cool, the wallet is only available on app stores only for IOS devices so if you’re Andoind Phone user so you can chose other wallet mobile wallet to store your monero.

Download for your IOS device at apple Store.

Edge Wallet

The 3rd best monero mobile wallet is Edge wallet it’s avail for both operating systems include Android and IOS devices. Edge app is very simple application for Buy, store, trade dosens of cryptocurrencies include Monero XMR.

I would strongly recomend to you visit their official website the Edge.app explore it and there also available app downloading links.

  • If you want to download it for IOS direct so Click Here.
  • Or Want to Downloading Edge app for Android So Click Here.

Warning: Did you know? Freewallet is A scam.

2. Monero Wallet By Freewallet.org

The Monero wallet Created by the Freewallet.org. It available for Android and IOS devices anyone Can download it at Google Play store & Apple store.

  • Download For Android Here
  • Download For IOS Here

Warning: Did you know? Freewallet is A scam.

Read More about free wallet scam Here.


The Cryptonator is Popular Monero web wallet It also offers their Mobile phone users Monero wallet app can access it through your smartphone it accepts there are 20+ different cryptocurrencies including Reddcoin, Ripple, and Monero.

  • Download Cryptonator For Android Here


The Best Monero Web wallet and it offers their users Monero wallet application, The Coin payment Mobile application available at Google Play store, this app rating on Play store 3.4 and more than 100 Thousand peoples downloaded yet.

  • Download CoinPayment for Android Here

Monero Desktop Wallets

Exodus Wallets

The Exodus is first multi-asset Monero Desktop wallet. The wallet Available on their Official website for Windows 64Bit, Mac and Linux. Recenly Exodus makes a partnership with Excodus hardware wallet now Trezor hardware wallet team work with Exodus advances security made easy.

Exodus wallet

Exodus wallet Also has an option to Exchange your cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to Ethereum, Bitcoin to Monero, So Don’t ignore the wallet Download it for your device Here.

Download Exodus

Atomatic Wallet

This is the Universal cryptocurrency wallet that also support Monero cryptocurrency, atomatic Wallet also A secure Exchnage to buy over 300+ digital currencies whole world, it’s most secure, decentrilsed and anonymous wallet and Exchnage.

atomatic wallet Reviews

Checkout the ratting of this monero wallet at Trustpilot, Binance ceo Cz rated with 5 Stars and you can also see john McAfee also rated this wallet that makes more trustable wallet for Monero.

Atomatic wallet good thing is it’s available for almost all platforms inlcude Windows, Mac, Linux even it’s also availble for smartphone users they can download it from Play store and Apple store ass well.

it’s intarface is amazing you can see in below pic that looks amazing in both devices and clearly shows all assets with their details that’s why I love to share all of you.

atomicwallet feature image

I can recomend it to use ass A best monero dextop wallet at this time, you may also check their social account they update daily basiss and for using it you need to download for your device at their official website here: atomicwallet.io.

Monero Paper Wallets

Paper wallet is one of the most secure option to store your crypto anounmsly so I know about an wallet that is best Monero paper wallet at this time let’s know about that.


Want A Monero Paper wallet, so moneroaddress is one of the best Monero Paper wallets can store Monero currency securely anonymously for more details follow their Official website moneroaddress.org.

Exchanges (May use as a Wallet)

Here some Best Monero Exchanges where you can Buy Monero, Those are World Most popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges But Here I’m Just Sharing My opinion but Not recommend to Use Those Exchanges ass wallets for long term perspective.


Binance Banner

Binance is World Number One leading Exchange at this time it’s not A wallet it’s A secure Exchange you may also Store your memory for Short term means if want to trade time to time so you may use it otherwise choose Secore wallet above list.


This is world Secure Exchange according to their team, there you can Store your monero ass well if you’re trader Or if you want to store your monero for long term so plz buy a hardware wallet Or choose other web wallets.


Huobi Exchange

Also, A best and Most secure Monero Exchange, Check it’s Security by Self then you may store Your Monero in this Exchange ass well for Short term Perspective only otherwise you may lose your monero be careful.

Monero Gui wallet

looking Monero gui walllet for Windows, Mac and linux so here I would share an amazing Monero Gui wallet where you can store your monero Xmr coin securely.

Recently I have seen there are so many people asking about Monero Gui wallet for Mac, Monero Gui wallet for Linux here I would like to show you how to download Monero Gui wallet for all platform include Windows.

The gui wallet best thing it’s provided by monnero orgnization that very cool there is need to worry about it.

How To Use Monero Gui wallet?

There is no experiance required use it because it’s very easy to use I have an Video for watch video and learn easly How to use it.

Monero Gui Wallet Download

For download monero gui wallet visit www.getmonero.org/downloads/ There you will see fully Updated Monero gui wallet for Windows, Mac, Linux, Arm, and Source & Blockchain.

monero gui wallets


Here listed there are top 9 best Monero wallets you can choose each wallet for storing your Monero coin.

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General FAQ

What is the best Monero Web wallet?

The best Monero web wallet is Crypronator where you can store multiple currencies including Monero XMR.

How Do you Get Monero coins?

Simply you can buy Monero at Binance with your bitcoin if don't have so buy some BTC at coinbase then deposit BTC to Binance and buy Monero.

Best Monero Hardware Wallet?

The best Monero Hardware wallet is Ledger Nano S because your Monero can't be hacked if you store your coins in this hardware wallet.

What id The Best Monero wallet for Windows?

That great question you can use Automatic Wallet that is most secure wallet at this time for windows operating system.

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